Check out our online shop for our New Product Offerings. Items are added regularly as we bring in New Product Offerings. We’ve recently added several Fire Extinguisher brackets to our online shop. Not sure if you need an extinguisher on your heavy/industrial equipment. Fuel powered equipment used to move combustible products, or that operate inside of buildings, are required under Fire Code Regulations and NFPA 10, to have an applicable fire extinguisher installed. The extinguisher must be mounted in a way that it will remain secure under all conditions. We offer many types of mounting options and have recently added Heavy Duty and Wire Spring brackets to our online shop.
The other thing to consider once you decide that you need an extinguisher, is what is the appropriate extinguisher for your application. NFPA 10 specifies that industrial equipment handling combustibles or operating in building must have an extinguisher with a minimum 30B rating. So what does this mean? First off the rating of 30B means that the fire extinguisher is capable of extinguishing a 30 square foot flammable liquid fire. This is typically a 5LB fire extinguisher. However, be careful to check the rating on the extinguisher itself. Most 5LB fire extinguishers only have a 10B rating. If you check out our online store you will find that our 5LB extinguishers are heavy duty, commercial rated extinguishers with a 40B rating which surpasses the current regulation and standard. Check out our New Product Offerings in our online shop for extinguishers that will best meet your needs.
Some customers wonder about their battery powered equipment like electric forklifts. While these don’t fall in the same category as “Fuel Powered”, they do require an extinguisher. The difference is in the placement of the fire extinguisher. For fuel powered equipment (Diesel, gas, propane, etc) the extinguisher must be mounted securely on the piece of equipment. On battery powered equipment the extinguisher must be mounted at the charging station and is not required to be mounted on the actual piece of equipment.
Pricing in the online shop is based on single purchases however, we offer discounts on orders of 5, 10 and 20 pieces. Contact us by phone or by email for a customized estimate to meet your needs.

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