2.5LB Halotron


B385TSX 2.5 LB Halotron.

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Halotron™ I clean fire extinguishing agent discharges as a rapidly evaporating liquid, which is non-conductive, non-corrosive, and leaves behind no residue. Halotron I is the clean agent market leader with a history of successful real-world protection of valuable assets. From model-scale aircraft to wide-body commercial aircraft, from data centers to pharmaceutical and other industrial plants, the Halotron I agent has been used to extinguish the fire, limit damage, and help reduce downtime that can be caused by other agents. Applications for these extinguishers include: data centers, laboratories, manufacturing plants, general office areas, computer rooms, telecommunication facilities, clean rooms, control rooms, warehouses, military electronics, vehicles including classic autos, boats, engine compartments, aircraft ramps, on-board aircraft, and in facilities that service aircraft and any facility where dry chemical extinguishers could cause unacceptable damage or contamination.


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