AED Defibtech Lifeline Package


Lifeline AED
The AED that started it all
The original Defibtech AED includes all mission critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. It is so simple and unintimidating to use that even non-medical personnel can effectively save lives.

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Package includes:
-Lifeline AED
-Carry bag
-Wall hanger
-Extra set of electrodes
-Prep Kit
-“AED Equipped” decals
-Manual & Quick-use card

Simple to Use
Simple, clear, and straightforward: there are only two buttons on the unit, a green button to turn the unit on, and a red one to shock the patient if needed. The Lifeline AED: simple and intuitive.
As protocols change over time, your unit can be upgraded in the field simply by inserting a data card.
Data from the unit is recorded and easily retrieved from the device using a data card.
Clear Voice Prompts
Long Life Battery
Designed for the Real-World
Active Status Indicator
Highly Visible
Award-Winning Ergonomic Design
Training Companion
Safe and Effective