Cederroth Eye Wash / Chemical Burn Solution 500ml 2 pack


2 (x 500 ml) sterile isotonic borate buffered sodium chloride solution without preservatives for single use. Shelf life 4.5 years. (Bottle REF 7251)


Cederroth Eye Wash works to neutralize the eye’s pH value, i.e. it has a neutralizing effect on alkali or acid splashes, giving a quicker result than a normal sodium chloride solution. The effect is generally stronger on alkalis than acids. Shelf life of 4.5 years. If you have an accident with a substance that contains calcium (for example, cement, concrete or lime), you can safely rinse with Cederroth Eye Wash as it is 100% phosphate-free. This ensures that the eye is rinsed as effectively as possible.