Wall Mount Fibreglass Fire Blanket


Fiberglass Blanket
Part#: FB64
Our 3-Ply Fiberglass Blanket comes in a red slim line cabinet complete with English/French
instruction labels and pull straps for quick withdrawal. For smothering and extinguishing fires in
Hospitals, Schools, Homes, and Kitchens. One-Time use only.
The fiberglass degrades at a temperature of 550°C. The standard the blanket is tested to
requires that the blanket puts out the flames on a cooking oil pan and the flames cannot reignite within 15 minutes. The design of the Fire Blankets has a sacrificial inner film that allows
the heat to escape and allow the oil to cool to prevent re-ignition.


 Patented 3-ply material – two layers of woven glass-fiber fabric with an inner layer of fire
retardant film
 The essential performance of a fire blanket is to extinguish a cooking oil fire. Therefore,
the blanket must:
o Be flexible, with good draping qualities, to eliminate oxygen from the burning oil
o Allow the oil to cool gradually to below its’ self-ignition temperature, and not
reignite when the blanket is removed after 17 minutes
o Control the cooling process
 Red slim thermoplastic container
 Blanket size 72” (182 cm) x 48” (122 cm)
 Cabinet measures 16-5/8″H x 6-1/4″W x 1-1/2″D
 Pull Straps for quick blanket withdrawal
 Independently tested – BS EN 1869:1997
 Bilingual Operating Instructions